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Is it possible to hitch-hike around the world, on a shoe-string budget?

Starting from the U.S. And what is essential to bring along with you?

Is it possible to hitch-hike around the world, on a shoe-string budget?
You can%26#039;t hitch-hike across the ocean so you will need to work and earn passage. You will need to work your way along the way to do it on a shoe-string budget anyway. Be sure you have your passport before you go and map out the friendly countries you will pass through. Have fun and Best of Luck!

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Running/Trail Shoe?

Can anyone recommend me a good, versitile all terrain running shoe that I would be able to use on a hiking/jogging trail that has challenging steps, and be able to use on a paved road (like around the block of a neighborhood)?

What experience do you have with the shoe you are recommending (I just don%26#039;t want a Google search on %26quot;good trail shoes/ good running shoes and copied here)? Where would I be able to get a pair of what you are recommending?

Thank you!


Running/Trail Shoe?
You can%26#039;t buy running shoes based on other peoples experience. Because all our feet pronate differently and are different shapes if you buy a shoe that was suitable for someone else, who may be an overpronator, and you%26#039;re an underpronator then those shoes would not be suitable and would cause a whole range of problems for your feet and legs. You need to go to a specialist running store, they will work out what type of gait you have, and will then using this information reccomend which trail shoes would be suitable. I will not give you a reccomendation for that reason, if you come back with a list of shoes that you%26#039;ve been told were suitable people could help by saying their experiences with these shoes.

Trail shoes are not designed for running on road, they have minimal cushioning and as such will not absorb the shock and will cause problems such as shin splints. Really they should only be used for a short distance to or from a trail route.

Edit in response to your further questions:

First off hybrid shoes that can cope with both trail and road do exist of sorts; but its a bit like jack of all trades master of none. Not enough grip for long periods off road, and not enough cushioning for long on road periods; usually it will be a road shoe with slightly greater grip, if you do just want to do road running with a few off road bits aim for a road shoe that has a harder wearing top and better grip. A trail shoe will not be suitable though, because it will not have sufficient cushioning for the road and will cause problems such as shin splints. Basically work out what the majority of your work will be sone on and buy a shoe suited for that, if its mainly on road buy an on road, mainly off then buy a trail shoe.

The remainder about pronation suggests a lack of understanding about wha it is, and why shoes must cater for this (something you concede in the first line). Very simply pronation is the way the foot rolls when it hits the ground, and is a natural part of the gait cycle. If you normally pronate your foot strikes the ground and rolls round to push perfectly off the ground. With underpronation it doesn%26#039;t roll enough, with overpronation it rolls too far.

So your foot is moving in completely different ways and pushing off from different positions to someone with different types of pronation. So you need different parts of your foot supported, so that the pressure is absorbed correctly so that long term damage isn%26#039;t caused. So shoes can;t be the same for all pronation types as they don%26#039;t require the same support; different foot types also require different support.

Another major reason is that shoes for under - and especially over - pronators %26#039;correct%26#039; the pronation type, so the foot is pronating normally. As is obvious, if an underpronator waers a shoe built for an overprontor not only will the foot not be supported properly but the correcction would be forcing the foot to underpronate even more, perhaps causing serious damage. This is why each shoe must be specific to a type of pronation and cannot be shared among different foot types.

The reason a hot seller can;t be adapted to all the foot types is because the construction required is different, although the shoes may be very simialr, the construction needed to provide addequate cushioning, support etc. for a foot type means it must be different to that for another foot type. You%26#039;ve got to stop thinking all running styles as just a running style, which is univeral. Different running styles are completely different things, and are not comparable, they need different shoes made to fit them; all manufacturors can do is maximise the choice available for each foot type, they cannot make the shoes available for each type.

Also regards your last a salesmen would not find %26#039;a%26#039; shoe for you, but rather would select several shoes. Manufacturers design several lines of shoe for each different foot type, the way they need to be built dictate they can%26#039;t be the same though; but there is a wide range for each foot type to choose from. You are highly unlikely not to find a single shoe that fits you.

I%26#039;ve tried to explain it in an easy way but its late and I doubt I did a good job throughout; e-mail me (through my profile) with any further if you wish; I may check back on this question if I remember to see if you%26#039;ve changed it.


If you get fitted out for your first pair you%26#039;ll be able to buy off ebay after that, as you%26#039;ll know what you%26#039;re after. I won%26#039;t give advice to a particular shoe as I don%26#039;t know your foot type, but I would say in my experience that TNF should be avoided, they%26#039;ve tried to enter the running shoe market but they are not succesful at it.

Best shoe!! It%26#039;s a really good shoe. Tough lug outsole doesn%26#039;t break done quick mine are at 400 miles and still lots of tread left. Seamless inside so your feet don%26#039;t hurt. And the best part... they have gore-tex in them so they are waterproof and good in the winter with a nice pair of wool socks. The mesh on the outside can rip pretty easily though. (around $111)
Reply:make sure you have the right type of shoe for your foot. dont want your foot to land on the inside or the outside of the foot...

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Do u agree with this?


hitch hiking in the outback without any shoes will only lead to sore feet?

Do u agree with this?
yes, unless you are small enough to slip into a kangaroo%26#039;s pouch.
Reply:I can%26#039;t cope with these deep philosophical questions.
Reply:you are not well.go see a doctor.
Reply:yes i quite agree
Reply:not necessarily..........

tight shoes can also cause sore feet........

u need comfortable shoes or u have to be used to move around on bare foot.........
Reply:If your talking about hitch hiking in the Australian outback ,wearing no shoes will be the least of your problems with all the nasty bitty things in the county
Reply:yeah but who would go hitchhicking in the outback why not go hitchhicking in the GALAXY


She sizes?

What does it mean a shoe size has a M or a W after it?

It can%26#039;t mean men and women can it? It%26#039;s a mans hiking boot in the man%26#039;s shoes section, so what do the W and M mean?

She sizes?
shoes are pretty i like them especially mens shoes!do you have nice big shoes james!;)

oh it could mean either wide mens or wide medium!
Reply:its prolly made for guys and girls like converse...
Reply:No Idea.

Sorry !
Reply:I know for sure that the W means wide, And maybe m means regular mens? Just a shot.
Reply:w= wide

Reply:Dunna who a u my shoe is mine
Reply:i know that w means wide. i think the m just means regular but i%26#039;m not sure what it stands for
Reply:lmao I already told you jeez don%26#039;t you trust me!

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Nike air trial alvord 4 shoe?

know more on the usage of this shoe, is for running or hiking trial purpose ?

Nike air trial alvord 4 shoe?
The Nike Air Alvord IV running shoe is made for the trail runner looking for a sleek shoe offering great cushioning, support and flexibility.